linkedin stats

I have posted about this in the past, but over the last few months I have noticed a huge change in the “how many times your profile appeared in search results” stat (see image below) for my profile. If you have noticed a similar change I would love to hear your thoughts.

Appearances in Search

There are likely to be a combination of factors at play here. The first is that there are more people searching for people with my skill set. Second could be that LinkedIn has changed their ranking algorithm’s and is providing better matches for people’s queries. Although, this seems very unlikely based on job recommendation emails I get from LinkedIn as about 1 in every jobs they email are actually relevant.

The third, and most likely scenario, is that my position title changed to Senior Software Engineer in early August (2011). Now I know what the word Senior actually means in terms of my day to day work and what it does not, however I get the feeling that people searching on LinkedIn are doing so based on position titles and not skill sets. In the software engineering world this does not seem to be a good strategy because an engineer (no matter how senior) with Java or PHP background is not likely one who has a finance background or wants to work with .net and vice-versa is probably also true.

Have you tried searching for people to recruit on LinkedIn? What search queries/strategies did you use?


mini-skirts and linkedin

Someone said “Statistics are like mini skirts. What they reveal is tantalizing, but what they hide is crucial”.

I was reminded of this when I was browsing Linkedin earlier today and saw the following two graphics. As far as I can tell the aim here is for LinkedIn user’s to convert from a basic account to a paid account.

I am not sure how many people see this and actually upgrade their accounts. Despite wanting to find out who is viewing my profile, I certainly have not upgraded. My reason for not upgrading is the cost is prohibitively high.

The Upgrade link seems to have tracking information in the link the page and hence we can only assume LinkedIn certainly has the stats for the conversion rate based on such UI design. I would guess that the conversion stats are favourable and hence this user interface is in place.

Did you upgrade your account upon seeing these statistics? I would love to hear from you if you did (or did not) and your reasons behind the decision.