Sequence Diagrams

I often end up drawing diagrams with any tool I find when I am working fixing a bug, mapping out existing architecture or workflows, designing new components. I use tools like pen and paper (yes old fashioned, I know), whiteboard, OmniGraffle etc. This is great but I am not a very artistic person so my diagrams aren’t always very pretty. Also, despite thinking in pictures and finding a need to draw diagrams I find them a chore to do. I guess I am a little lazy. 🙂

The one tool that I find easiest to use (and hence use as often as appropriate) is Web Sequence Diagrams. They have developed this syntax for describe sequences or workflows between different entities in a system and built software to translate that description into a sequence diagram.

Check it out, let me know what you think or if you use something else send me a link.


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