much ado about flash

there has always been lots and lots of noise about the iPhone (and now the iPad) not supporting flash. i have always wondered why as i always tend navigate away from sites that use flash to one’s that have a html interface. today i read an article on mashable titled : Adobe Calls Out Apple for Lack of Flash on iPad

my thoughts :

i can see why adobe, who own flash and hence vested interest, is making such noise. but i think the time has come to think differently.

like YouTube and Vimieo, we have to start serving video on the web using HTML5 and bring forward the adoption of HTML5 compliant browsers. it’s time for change. it’s time for leadership. let’s walk our users away from IE and towards other mordern browsers.

question is : will those that matter, the giants of the web world, those that have the mindshare and the attention of their users, show leadership ?

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