spoonfed @ geomob

Spoonfed is about 2 things : helping people find events and helping event organisers market their event.

Making it really easy to find events and advertise events. Publishing high quality event data is REALLY difficult.

  • incentive structure for UGC is non-existent
  • finite shelf life
  • insane amount of fragementation
  • editors are expensive

answer : We buolt a publication platform designed for this job

  • aggregates direct from event owners
  • employs techniques from SAS project management tools
  • provides editors with polishing tools reduces research

Got the data, now what ?


  • Bullsyeye-SAS
    • digital marketing platform for event owners
    • mobile & email meet CRM meet social media
  • What does it do ?
    • email and mobile marketing
    • manage your customers
    • social media integration
    • disseminates your events around the web
  • Subscription model launching soon

What we find exciting :

  • Yahoo Placemaker
  • Flickr’s geotagged photo’s

Location is entrenched on this site. Not just on search but also for setting up email alerts etc. Services like upcoming are potentially competitors but Spoonfed founder feels (as do others) that are not competitors. But what about Eventful and other’s who are location based event advertising platforms. Spoonfed founder feels they wont last long… He must know something I do not. 🙂


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