location based advertising

CTo of location based advertising startup adphonic presenting.

Previous options

  • Lots of location-relevant services and apps Consumer interest in location sharing.
  • Lots of market buzz.
  • Expensive operators-based solutions.
  • Limited mass market options

iPhone, iPhone, iPhone

The iPhone is the breakthrough location-aware device. Evolution of iPhone geolocation/GPS APIs. iPhone 4.0 enables true open LBS development as it enables user location access into the browser. Providing instance access to exact location (or somewhat exact) of user at the time of the page being loaded.

Locatable, an Jailbroken iPhone app, developed by the CTO of adphonic provided location based OSM maps.

The gelocation API for advertising is here.

  • sites and apps on equal footing
  • no intermediary storage system required
    • the starbucks example

What do advertisers want ?

  • If not where you are, where you’re at
    • Technographics != mindset
  • Location is a piece of an integrated context, not just GPS coordinates
    • home or work
    • business or pleasure
    • on the move / having a coffee
  • location + behaviour -> offer selection
    • say you are a few blocks from tesco, and at this point in time consistently you have headed in and bought a bunch of things, say in preperation for dinner, allows advertisers to send you a sweet deal to entice you into the Tesco and buy some goods using the special offer just for you.

So what is adPhonic doing ?

  • self-service mobile advertising network
  • public launch tomorrrow, 1 july
  • HQ in London, staff in Paris & San Francisco
  • state of the art feature set
    • comprehensive targetting
    • advanced reporting & analytics
    • open publisher integration API
    • intuitive user interface
  • seeking location-based ad trial partner

How are they capturing my behaviour?


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