iPhone password detection bug

Over the last few weeks I had managed to get my iPhone to reject my password randomly, or at least what seemed like random events. Pretty soon I noticed a pattern that it was only triggered when I had accidently hit the Emergency Call button on the bottom right hand corner of the number keypad.

Doing a restart, switch off and back on, resolves the problem and it recognizes my password again. I am unsure if apple knows about this bug or not and can only hope they fix it with the next firmware release.

p.s.: As far as I know this only works if you have an exchange account enabled on your iPhone, but let me know if you can prove otherwise.


3 thoughts on “iPhone password detection bug

  1. Eee says:

    I had exactly the same problem today. I tried many times until the phone locked out and erased all contents. I’m in the middle of restoring it now.

  2. Rich says:

    I have the exact same problem, the touch screen is pretty difficult to use if you are walking and it’s very easy to press the emergency call button by mistake. I hope apple fix this bug it’s really annoying. Only a hard reboot seems to get around it

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