Cloud Made – building better maps

Nick Black now launching the cloud made story. Finally!!

The first feature of the Cloudmade developer program is custom map styles. Cloudmade area launching three different map styles. The original, fine line and tourist. These are all available via the Cloudmade developer program for use on web and mobile.

Partnered with Stamen Designs. Fresh, Pale Dawn and *Midnight Commander*. Midnight Commander looks like something straight out of matrix.

The next feature to be launched is the style editor. Allowing everyone to create their own map style. Available for use via the API instantaneously.

The first API to be talked about is the Custom Image Tiles allowing developers to build custom map tiles for their applications. is launching a new application using this API both on web and mobile.

The Geocoding API allows access to all underlying data in a geocoded object. ie: the vector data. Allowing for street level searches (ie: without a street number) to have access to the entire road segment and hence highlight the result using more then just a pin.

Geosearch API, similar to the Geocoding API, also provides access to the entire vector that spans your search results.

Routing API being adopted by TrackMyJourney to provide the ability to create realtime routing and tracking applications. The speed of route calculations is reportedly lightning fast. [Wonder if they are caching routes as well as pre-creating some]

Location Management APIs allowing your location and geo-tagged data/media to flow between web and mobile.

All of these APIs available in Ruby, Python, Java, J2ME, Objective-C (for iPhone).


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