Terry Jones : terry at jon dot es

The database with the heart of a wiki. There was a post by Scoblezier about FluidDB with a video interview included. Be sure to watch it.

If you follow fluiddb on twitter you will get a free domain in his new product. This product is currently vaporware. Not yet ready.

Concept : we as humans work in a avery fluid way. yet we design systems which are rigid, full of access control, permissions etc etc.

We work like this because of decisions made in the shadows of hardware limitations made decades ago. Its time for a change.

Rethink control

If I want to have opnion about LONDON you do not need permission, you simply think of it, voice it and there it is.

Writeable : The world is not writeable. Think about your computational experience, you are in readonly mode. You can only do what has been anticipated. You can’t interact with data as you please.

Simple == Scalable

Most important : object have no owners

This changes how we create iformation, how it is stored, used and searched, edited and removed.

Objects have attributes, attributes have owners

You watch a movie, and then add a rating for it on a website somewhere. The rating then is something you own.

Query Language 

  • Numeric
  • Textual
  • Presence
  • Grouping/logic 

Cool for coders

How do we build mashups today? Learn about multiple APIs, choose your APIs, design data interactions and then produce data that people can use.

Building mashups is cool, but don’t build more hoops. Put information where it naturally belongs. (With the object it is about) Use the same API. 

Level data playing field. Nobody can define : This is what you can and can’t do. Allowing people to arrive late and still get the same from it as early adopters.


  • just more information
  • where to put new information
  • all organisation can co-exist, no interference

Data Structures

  • structs and pointers
  • attributes and search
  • build en on the fly
  • yep, all of em
  • slow, but infinitely flexible

Sweet spot

  • small apps
  • a few attributes
  • social data
  • architecturally aligned

Lot’s of silos of data exist in this world. But there is no way to combine them because they live in different places. 

Users, attributes, domains : have a corresponding object

Evolution mandates that things go in the most useful direction possible. This is what Terry wants to achieve with FluidDB.

User interface

  • where did my information go
  • can i search it ? on what ?
  • wodn’t it be cool if…
  • can i extract, re-user, add, delete it?



  • choice is part of problem solving
  • a good rep may not need a smart algorithm

8 queens problem

  • use a poor represnetation with 2 to the power of 64 states
  • look for a smart algorithm


  • Change the representation and you get a 8! states. Now an exhastive search can provide the answer in the blink of an eye

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