dConstruct 2008 introduction

I attended a one day workshop and the conference at dConstruct 2008 in brighton last week. In this post I present a summary of the one day workshop and then in the next post I will review the conference day.

I attended the workshop titled “Social Design : From Strategy to Interface”. The workshop page made me  ask with the following question:

Have you decided to leverage the social interaction of your audience to provide more and better value but aren’t sure where to start or how to move forward?

Words like levrage, audience and ‘move forward’ made me think what do they have to do with web design. Nonetheless I decided to attend this workshop conducted by Joshua Porter. After registering for the workshop and thinking a little about social design and social networks I was asking myself : What is social design? Some googling later I found the following description on Bokardo.com (Joshua’s blog).

Social design is design that focuses on the social lives of users. It deals with the activities, behaviors, and motivations of people who work and play together through software interfaces. It is built on the observation that many of the decisions we make are greatly affected by those we surround ourselves with in our social lives: our family, friends, and colleagues.

More to follow …


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