anonymity vs community

Ever since attending WhereCamp 2008 in San Francisco earlier this year, I have had various debates and discussions around geo privacy on the web. Most of these discussions (and my opnions) were underpinned with “can’t give accurate information or localised service without knowing each visitors location”. ie: location based services, which I think is the next big thing on the web.

I just read a post on the White African blog which talks about anonymity vs community. The main point of that post is one very close to my heart. No organisation (online or in the physical world) has the right to make the decision on what is private information and what is not. It is just as wrong for Google to use information about for their own gain as it is for my insurance company to use my credit profile to increase my premimums. But alas both happen.

Head on over and have read at the blog post.

The following text is quite poignant :

We have a way of projecting our world view on to those around us. In this case, I believe Google (or Marissa) is doing just that. Having these open, trusting, everyone-knows-everyone systems is all well and good when you live in the US. It’s not so good in other parts of the world.

Many things to ponder …


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