week in review

Much has happened this week. I started at Expedia,  John Mckerrell finished up his stint with Multimap, Google announced some financial results and promptly dropped about $50.00 of their share price (seems like even the big G is not going to be spread this economic downturn), Expedia announced their purchase  Veenere.com (a hotels distributor in Europe) and I finally got an iPhone.

Week one at Expedia has been about on par with what week one at Multimap was. Kinda boring, kinda interesting, kinda scary, kinda fun but like it was at the end of week one at Multimap the opportunity for learning is immense.

iPhone usage is going strong and growing each day. I am yet to put money down for any application from the App Store and am not sure how long that will last. I am very keen to get some games. Super Monkey Ball will be the first one I suspect. :). My only grudge with the device is its lack of speed. Starting and shutting down applications can take a while and at times feels no different to my Nokia N73. Applications do crash a lot and for such a high end device its not acceptable. One can only hope (and I am quite certain) that fixes are on their way from Apple. Perils of buying so quickly after launch. Still the best thing evaar.


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