SOTM 2008 – Steve Coast


Over a 100 attendees from 19 countries and over 30 sessions organised, 13 lightning talks in one weekend. It has taken nearly a year in the making. Choosing a date, venue, hotel, BBQ etc planned over many meetings held over the last year.

Sponsors list is very impressive, and Steve unveils a list of sponsors using some Keynote animations.

OSM’s growth rate both in user base and also contributions per user and map coverage growth is agressive. The US community is growing very fast and as is their coverage. Tiger Data import is now complete but the data has many issues and is very out of date. This is being discovered as mapping parties are being run across the US.

Edit wars are ensuing and its nice because it means the community cares about the data and the concept and this shld cater for its organic growth.

API 0.6 is coming soon. New features include versioning and user ids for our API users. The mobile web applications are growing fast and more and more developers choosing OSM data over others due to its being free and its being current.

Licensing TO DO : second set of legal eyes, code to manage agreement process, everyone to click ‘yes!’, figure out those who click no, or don’t click


  • US Mapping community is being kicked off.
  • Downloads from the website provide access to OSM data downloads.
  • Shipping tiles using and based on Amazon EC2
  • Isle of Man was mapped in a week in October using two weeks, CloudMade tried to sell it but are now donating it to Isle of Man.
  • Tool to play with styling of the map tiles you are looking at. Allowing users to change background colour, road colours based on categories etc. Tool to be launched externally soon, currently internal only.
  • OSM needs developers to help with potlatch, the main rails app, rollback etc
  • To compete OSM needs to add Addressing, Pronunciation, Turn restrictions and routing.

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