sotm 2008 – mscape

HP Labs is HP’s advanced research labs. Pervasive Media Project.

Media being delivered directly into the fabric of your every dau lives. Media delivered at the right time, at right place, and is current and relevant. This is based on ubiquitous computing.

  • A new capability enabled by pervasive computing tecxhnology that combines networks, sensors & mobile devices creating …
  • A digital canvas over a physical world on to which rich experiences can be painted and new ventures can be explored.
  • A new medium

The mscape platform, is completely free, to build a location based or a context based experience which can be downloaded by users onto their mobile devices.

  • Maps in MSCAPE are used for a couple of things
  • authoring and navigation to help authors determine where (ie: location) the interactions occiur
  • customise print and distribute this information to their users
  • was incompatible with commercial license’s so they are now using OSM maps

Anchored vs Portable

  • An anchored mediascapes work in one place only as its tied to a specific location.
  • Portable mediascapes work anywhere on earth


  • pure relative positioning
  • user chosen key points
  • data driven location matching

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