sotm 2008 – can we connect the dots ?

Federating open geodata
Sean Gorman of Fortouis One

A wide variety of crowd sourced geo data pools are starting to collect. how do we join these and put them on a map? These data pools are in variety of data formats. Can we connect this data using existing standards using something like a Data Federation ?

It should not be a spatial data infrastructure with various levels of people, policies, standards, authentication etc etc. A practical standards based implementation would work as it would allow people to start using it and grow it organically.

Lightweight federation based upon the use of Atom feed of data, and using a opensearch query on this Atom Feed to see if a data set has the data you are looking for. The repository then returns that data in the requested format if the data exists.

When the number of such data sets grows, such queries can get very slow. Use a data repository with cached index of frequent results.

Can OSM’s data be federated ? Does OSM want to federate their data ?

Cartography and Making Maps – how to make a proper map using this data ? how to make it such that people can interpret this data ?


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