sotm 2008 – osm ireland

OSM’s presence in Ireland began last year. Covergae is increasing everyday. Coast line, all motorways, almost all national roads, rivers, lakes and waterways, pockets of better coverage.  

to do
  • The national border with NIR is rough, need known, good waypoints on the border, 
  • national N roads
  • regional roads
  • urban details
  • details for areas outside the major population centres
  • new local road numbering should be captured
lessons learned
  • dublin suburban areas are well covered but the city centre is less well covered
  • is this because people map at home and but not at work and around work
  • issues with bilingual place names
  • difficulty with windy, rural roads
  • lack of place names, signage etc
  • windy roads, no block structure
  • importance of consistent taging    
nicely done ireland osm data growth animation over the last 12 months

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