sotm 2008 – Ordnance Survey – Nasty Ugley Muck

John Carpenter

What OS does and how we do it ?

UK is full of really weird names. Places like idle, sheep, rake etc. How do this names end up in the OS data set? Even places like “Waukers”. The national archive records have the name of everything going into the past upto a certain date. This is public information and anyone can request it.

Mainly measure building, assign ids to them, geolocate them and route around or with them

Keeping data accurate and current is the main challenge that OS faces. A lot of time is spent in change intelligence. They fly planes around the country to collect 25 cm accuracy imagery. They collect this imagery once a year in england. Scotland less so as nothing changes there.

But more frequently they use people with GPS’s walking around the country. Much like OSM. Satellites are expnsive, and not enuf accuracy is not enough. All data is collected based on a certain specification. So if the data is thought to be wrong, its actually not, its the specification is wrong and as a result the data appears to be wrong.

How accurate is accurate? Is the manahole where it is supposed to be ?

So whats the problem ? Population is not even distributed, and areas that change constantly need more updating effort then areas that dont change often, weather patterns make data collection hard.

Accuracy and currency is required because there are times where this information saves either wasted effort or helps drive accurate effort in times of disaster.

Real Time Kinematic was mentioned.


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