sotm 2008 – open street map foundation

OpenStreetMap does not actually exist, it is not a formal entity. Who do you call ( SteveC ? ), Who do you give money to if there is no organisation and also it has no formally defined membership. Since it does not exist, it does not own the data you do.

The foundation does exist and it is one year old UK domiciled corporaion. It has a bank account and is a audited entity. Currently 80 members and has not changed much in the last 12 months. Annual general meeting is coming up soon. Mikael maron looks after the business development, SteveC is the president, Andy is the secretary.

Monthly meetings are done via Skype.

What does the foundation do?

  • manage the data license
  • organise SOTM
  • GPStogo – a scheme for providing OSM GPS receivers in developing countries
  • Funding operations and promotion
  • and all the admin stuff

GPS devices can cost a months wages, so the foundation lend GPS units, on a long term basis, to suitable qualified people in any developing country.

Donate £60 per year and help OSM Foundation buy a GPS unit to be sent to a developing country


For OSM and the growth, development and distribution of free geospatial data and to providing geospatial data for anybody to use and share.

  • promote and protect
  • educate
  • fund

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