sotm 2008 – nestoria

Nestoria uses OSM for its Maps as well as Google Maps. 

Living with Dragons project uses OSM and is sponsored by Nestoria.
Original sponsors of Mapstraction which allows you to use different mapping technologies seemlesy.
Why should you care? OSM data needs to go commercial. Nestoria is helping with this…
Nestoria is doing this via their proof of concept with the Isle of White mapping party. By mapping the island they now can use the maps for the property search for Isle of Wyte and get OSM maps.
Also if you replace www with openstreetmap the maps will be replaced with OSM from Google Maps.
Nestoria wants to use OSM and help it but they also want to make money as they are a business and not a charity. The main problem with OSM for them is usability and no comprehensiveness.
example : How do we get the name, lat, lon of all metro stations in germany?
this is not a 15 minute project. this takes a lot of time and hence acquiring this data from a commercial source
Next task for OSM has to be usability otherwise supporters of OSM will look elsewhere as one cant always be looking to improve 

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