sotm 2008 – lightning talks

State of OSM Japan

Language, translation and support services were lacking, but are now up and running and Japan’s OSM coverage is increasing fast. Their main goal is to have data ready enuf that business will use it ahead of other commercial providers.

New laws in Japan where GeoData will be avialable for free for most uses. Some uses will needed to provide permission

State of OSM in bolivia

Aims are to use collective open source data for human developement. A country which has a large majority of the country is under the poverty line. So money is an issue for OSM Bolivia to organise basic things like computers and gps equipment, but man power is not the issue.

London Mapping Marathon

Lots of mapping evening, every wednesday evening. London has a complete look at a low zoom level, but at street level, many street names are missing, pois are missing etc etc.

Put your name agains your bit of the cake, meetup in a unmapped area and start mapping. Progress is being made towards a complete mapping solution of London available for free for us all to use.

State of the Map in Canada

Richard – open source enthusiast

Canada has 10 provinces, 3 teritories and is 55,000 KM wide. HUGE AREA. 33 million people, 10 million square km, 3.2 people / square km

Its large and sparse and hence has a huge impact on the state of the map. Population density is along the 150km of US border. Rest of Canada is very sparsely populated.

Sounds a lot like Australia.

Trans Canada Highway is only 50% done.


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