sotm 2008 – AND

AND — automotive naviagtion data

The only independent mapping data supplier. other than OSM. 🙂

AND is betting on all devices being connected in the near future and hence requiring access to current, up-to-date and locally relevant information all the time.

special projects at AND involve things like donating the mapping data for netherlands to OSM. So why did they do this ?

  • To lear how a mapping community works
  • Lear about usr generated content in relation to maps
  • be involved in the ge-community, but with a diff angle
  • new mthods and technologies and open source GIS projects and software
  • making some noise aorund AND (ie: publicity)
  • acceleration of map making

Small video on how map making used to be done in the 90s. Map2.0 is the future of map making as far as AND are thinking and positioning. Browser based editable map, open source GIS, immediate availability after saving updates.

Map 2.0 demo video with some funky music 🙂


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