iPhone 3G

For the first time in my life I decided to join the masses in queues across london in an attempt to acquire a iPhone 3G on launch day.


Result : EPIC Fail!!!!


First Queue : 7.35 AM Arrival, 35th in line, Fleet St O2 outlet.

Reaction : ok, I stand a decent chance.

Outcome : Store opens at 8.02, Staff wander down the line allocating stock, reach person 23 and anounce iPhone 3g 16GB is now sold out… 

Reaction : ok, sux, move on I think to myself


Second Queue : Car phone warehouse store on fleet st, down the road from O2 store

Outcome : Wait for an hour for store to open. We are told that one customer at a time is to enter the store, we have enough for you all. Excitment!!!! … 35 minutes later, first customer is still being served. Reason “O2 credit check systems are down” … 1 hour later, we only had 3 16GB iPhone, they are now sold out, but you can reserve one and we will post it to you next week ….

Reaction : Ok, not a bad idea

Outcome: Wait another hour before getting, credit check runs quickly (surprised!), comes back with £350 deposit required, reason : new address not enuf credit rating …. aaaaaa …

Reaction : Leave store in frustration, no iPhone


Third Queue : Apple Store, Regent Street

Outcome : Long wait, served with water, coffee from Starbucks while we wait and cheerful, chatty Apple Retail staff… aaah, some nice customer service. About 2 hours later, decide to give up on O2 activation systems, reserve an iPhone and go home… Credit Rating issue to be tackled…


ps : My BT Landline now works … only took them a month!!!


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