where camp 2008 – Is 3D shit

Do we need 3D? Are we wasting our time ? What are the main scenarios of monetisation? Aren’t we just back to where we were in the early nineties with Virtual Reality games and all the investment that went into that technology.

3D immersive environments are being prepared to provide a rich user experience and interactio. Thus allowing application developers of the future to build rich applications. I can think of a few use case scenarios in city planning, crime heat map patterns thru time, pollution heat maps thru time (hmm, sounds like I may have already said this before).

Thats about all I can think of as potential applications at this point in time, but that is no reason to not build a data set that can open up the doors for developers to build applications that we today have not even thought off.

I should also add, like many others I do not completely buy into the 3d vision just yet. But its damn cool to work on and the potential is amazing. Lets see where this road takes us…


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