where camp 2008 – community standards


So micro formats, pico formats, kml 3, georss 2.0 etc etc. Whats the future of micro/pico formats? How can we as a community contribute to OGC and their developement of community standards.

Multiple locations and reference is a problem in geocoding and also when representing that in GeoRSS. Styling is also another unsolved question. How can we CSS with KML. Size of these formats is prohibitive for small tasks and quick tasks. How can we add features such as those in KML and GeoRSS into micro and pico formats?

GeoRSS introduces many new types which parsers then have to implement so that can actually render the feeds out correctly. How can we do points in feeds and their association with the title or the comment in micro format way ?

When using geo locations with stories the problem is that stories are not for single points, they are for multiple points and GeoRSS does not seem to have a way to link multiple points forming a polygon or a line back into a story title.

We should also be talking about what we want the GeoRSS readers to look like, features they should/can provide.

Micro and Pico Formats GeoHash

A GeoHash provides basic translation between addresses and a single string identify bounding boxes. This can provide very strong search facility as it would only be a string comparison on a MySQL table.

Quote from Wikipedia

“Geohash is a latitude/longitude geocode system invented by Gustavo Niemeyer when writing the web service at geohash.org, and put into the public domain.

Geohashes offer properties like arbitrary precision, similar prefixes for nearby positions, and the possibility of gradually removing characters from the end of the code to reduce its size (and gradually lose precision).”

Link : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Geohash


Sounds like a quad tree algorithm thats used for naming tiles applied to finding points on a map. Kinda cool. Need to read their doco and add more information here.


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