new iPhone adds

Now I am no fan of marketing, but as some would say, I am a big of fan of all things apple.

I am sure everyone has seen the new iphone adds by now. I found this really interesting post regarding the apple adds. I must say kudos to the author for thinking this about the adds.

Without repeating his words, it is important to note that this is (probably) the first time in a long time that an advert of a gadget shows off its interface and how it works instead of showing it as a lifestyle complement etc etc.


2 thoughts on “new iPhone adds

  1. I am sure it got a mention on digg and slashdot. I feel this observation, if it was an intentional effect, is quite important for the industry. Time will tell if other players in this industry follow suite and advertise products for what they are rather how they can make you look cool.

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